Rolex management spreadsheet can be found here:

The first 2 tabs mark the US clients as well as the Canadian clients (previous and current). 

Each month US Rolex emails support with a series of zip files for each authorized Rolex dealer. Canadian Rolex needs to be reminded each month so wait until US sends their banners so we know they are available from Geneva (email Karolin 

Some of the zip files will contain the same sizes as others since there is overlap with some banners so you only need to upload one of each size. The files usually come in with very long file names so they need to be shortened down to just the pixel size and whether there is text included in the image or not. US banners for home page should never have text included in the image (the text and button are added through a caption overlay since it's better for SEO) while CA banners need text included in the image. There will also be a mobile version of each which will always include text for both US and CA but 2 files should be uploaded (one as 480x540_TEXT.jpg and one as 480x540_TEXT-CAD.jpg).

US File Name Example:


changes to


CA File Name Example:


changes to


Once each banner size is accounted for, they are uploaded (they can be dragged and dropped to replace the existing files) to the central banner location here: That link can also be found at the bottom of the USA tab on the Rolex management spreadsheet linked above. 

Since the new banners have the same name as the previous banners, sometimes it will take a while for the cache to clear on the home page so double-check that the images were updated using an incognito or private browser window. Also advise clients to clear the browser cache if they don't see the updates right away. As each banner is confirmed, fill in the next month to the right of the retailer name in the spreadsheet with a green box to confirm it has been changed for that month. If the retailers are updating on their own, it is noted in the spreadsheet and those will not need to be checked by Thinkspace. If it is not noted that the retailer is updating on their own but the banner isn't updated even in incognito, sign into the admin and confirm that the media file path was not deleted from the slideshow. Sometimes the retailers will go in and delete the media file path and upload their own local image instead but that means that the Thinkspace automated updates will not work. In that case, write to the retailer and confirm whether they would like Thinkspace to continue to make their updates or if they'd like to take over the updates. If they want Thinkspace to do it, ask them to please not remove that media file path otherwise the automated updates will not work. If the media file path has been removed, there are example file paths at the bottom of the USA tab on the Rolex management spreadsheet or you can borrow one from a functional site and adjust the pixels to the appropriate numbers.

Lastly, make sure to update the portal Rolex brands with the new banner as well for the designers landing page. Some of the retailer's zip files will include a 1500 x 500 pixel images for the brand landing page and as long as there is no retailer-specific text in the banner, that one can be used for the portal. After the new banner is added and saved, go to the policies page and resave the access policy to confirm that all Rolex retailers will be updated (this includes both US and CA clients).

After all banners are confirmed to be updated, write back to Rolex letting them know the changes are all set. 

For New US Rolex Clients:

Establish what banner size they want Rolex to send to us - make sure all banners in the slideshow will match but it is safest to encourage them to let Rolex be the only banner in the main slideshow. Rolex has a lot of rules about what types of things can share the slideshow so the safest bet is to let it be the only banner. If we don't already have the banner size they need, make sure to ask Rolex to send it for future updates. 

The easiest way to start from scratch is to pull open the slideshow for any other US Rolex retailer and copy what they have. The banner should not include text and button in the slide so it will need to be added as a caption. Most of the time, the text reads "Rolex Watches" set to the largest text size and the button is "Explore the Collection" set to a button with Rolex green in the background. The source code for the caption looks something like this: 

<h1><span style="color:#000000;">Rolex Watches</span></h1>

<p><a aria-label="Rolex" class="btn btn-primary" data-brands="true" data-tspages="true" href="/designers/rolex/" style="background-color: #127749 !IMPORTANT; border: 2px solid #127749;">Explore The Collection</a></p>

Make sure "enable overlay" is unchecked so that the colors in the banner are not distorted. The URL /designers/rolex/ is always set to redirect to the custom Rolex page URL so either one will work for the Page Link as well as the button.