For access to M. Geller or is located on tsj20 server, workon

For admin access, admin account is listed in Last Pass, same as our other sites located at /admin/

M. Geller imports diamonds once a day at 10am UTC in crontab

# Import diamonds for M Geller at 2am PST (10am UTC)

00 10 * * * . /home/typethink/.virtualenvs/

During import all diamonds and prices are calculated.

Diamond Import and Pricing/Markups

As with all tsj_embed Store's prices are stored in a SQL view and they are calculated on time of import with the command resetsqlviews

If they need a one of markup change to an embed store, simply run resetsqlviews and they'll be good.

If they have a new diamond file or issue on diamonds importing you can run their diamond import manually with import_diamonds -b mgeller 

Every diamond import should be followed by a resetsqlviews in order to calculate prices as each import wipes any old diamonds in the system and they won't have pricing.

Editing Stores/Embeds

All stores (embeds) are located in the admin for editing,

If reference is made to a subdomain or Organization, you can find it there.

What is a store/embed you ask?

Here's a live example

Here's their adjacent admin record and info for adjustment

More to come here.