Thinkspace inventory Instructions and Template Spreadsheet

Attached to this message is the template spreadsheet we need to be completed to go along with your image files
  • Blue columns are required
  • Brown columns are optional but strongly encouraged
  • Red column headers are lookups to allowed entries.  You must pick an entry on the list.
  • Make sure the image file names are exactly right.  Case, spaces and underlines all count.  This is a computer reading them after all.
  • If you have more than one image per item, you can add more image columns anywhere on the sheet.  Call them "Image 2", "Image 3", "Image 4" and so on
  • If you have URL paths to your item images, we support that, just put the full URL path in each cell.
  • Use Retail price if you can.
The more and better the data you provide, the better your clients will showcase your brand and then generate interest in your jewelry online.
Images should be preferably square, at least 800x800 px in jpg or png format.  png with transparency is fine too and encouraged if you have them.
Support cannot accept a file bigger than 15Mb through email, so if your image zip file is bigger than that, please send it using the software file transfer service of your choice.
The closer you follow the guidelines, the faster your items will be loaded, since we spend less time correcting and adjusting things.
Looking forward to getting your upload.