I have setup facebook conversions on Cumberlanddiamonds.com, their Google Tag Manager Account, on the Typethink Google user:   If you have requests to install these again, you can copy all of the TAGS I created from that container to the correct client GTM container.

The only part that is client specific is the Pixel code itself, that fires on every page.

***  Make sure you enable all of the Click Event and Form Event Variables on the Container main page too...

First off you should verify that the conversion pixel is working.  You go to:  https://developers.facebook.com/docs/ads-for-websites/pixel-troubleshooting

I can't check it, since I don't have access to your Facebook account.

The specific conversions I setup, and what triggers them, are:

1.  // ViewContent - any time someone views a content page, including all of the /company/, /services/, /blog/, and /eductation/  sections of the website.


2.  // AddToWishlist - any time someone adds an item to a wishlist.


3.  // CompleteRegistration -  When someone registers for an account on the website.


4.  // Lead - when someone signs up for the newsletter.


5.   // InitiateCheckout - any time someone inquires about an item on the site.  You already receive an email on these too.  This is a little off the designated conversion, but it was all that was left to use.

6.   // Search  - anytime someone performs a search on the website.  (not a google search, using the search bar at the top of the page)

Those are all the ones that really apply at the present time.  You can further enhance these conversions, by applying custom conversions on the facebook side too.. You can read about how to do that here:  https://www.facebook.com/business/help/434245993430255

Setting those up is up to you though, we don't control those or create them from the website side.

Specific questions - ask DL